Lady Luciana

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Mistress Luziana


Your miserable life now has a new meaning.

I know what I want. And I will get that, too. And miserable figure will only serve me. 

And be careful. I am very consistent and hard. I do not tolerate lies and weakness and I punish . 

If you should be now actually his opinion to be gercht my very high claims, then you may apply humbly with me as a slave.

I am to be reached for you in the area Essen and Düsseldorf in smaller as well as stylishly furnished studios.  Furthermore I can be booked internationally for hotel, outdoor and studio sessions.

Phone: +49 01604 /375912


fetish model

You can also book me as a model and actress. In the area of fetish, SM 

Either for Payshooting or TfP Basis



Available for shooting:
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Updates with Lady Luciana

Tyrannus Dea 0

Tyrannus Dea

2021-08-03Lady Luciana55:32 minutesBall busting, Domination, Whipping2021
Frontal attack on his manhood  0

Frontal attack on his manhood

2021-05-14Lady Luciana7:54 minutesCBT, Domination, Whipping2021
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A loving balls treatment

2021-01-18Lady Luciana7:04 minutesBall busting, CBT, Domination
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Mean Girls

2020-03-30Lady Luciana, Mistress Susi, and Vivienne la Mour58:18 minutesDomination, Slave, Strapon
Dungeon Delight 0

Dungeon Delight

2020-01-03Lady Luciana16:32 minutesHandjob, Orgasms, Slave
Fuckhole for 2 goddesses 0

Fuckhole for 2 goddesses

2019-10-24Lady Luciana and Mistress Susi11:09 minutesOrgy, Sissy, Strapon