Under her Ass - Ausbildung zur Gummi Schlampe

2017-02-13Lady SatoriFemdom, Peeing, Sissy
  • 56:35 minutes
  • HDTV

It is a damn hard way right to rubber Bitch to be educated as a perfect rubber Bitch. Especially trained from Lady Satori and especially if that Educational subject still have his cock and balls. This most sensitive parts of the Body must suffer first under the treatment from the Mistress A Special part of the rubber bitch lesson is the human toilet lesson followed with a nasty CBT Full of joy about the degradation from the slut the Mistress push the Power On Button from the electric simulation device again as the Bitch is with her face completely under her ass. You can imagine that she can not endure her horniness any-more and shoot her load without the permission off the mistress. The penalty of this afford is a Bondage outside on a tree directly on a busy road. So Sexually delivered to everyone Who comes by the rubber Slut must not wait long for the first "visitor"

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