Tatjana Young - #MeToo or Sold for 5 Euro Part 3

2018-03-01Tatjana YoungCBT, Chastity, Face Sitting
  • 16:43 minutes
  • HDTV

Now I want to have some more fun for my Euro, first I let the slave lick me extensively, cause to fuck him in the ass has made me really wet, I can not even understand why he always complains his cook cage would burst and he could not take it anymore. OK, I do not want to be to cruel to him, so I release him, I must also say he had done his job as a leak slave to my very satisfactory. But now the vibration vacuum pump comes into play and now he is moaning again, supposedly should now burst his cock and he could no longer endure the "pain" ... Must I understand this?

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