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Tatjana Young - #MeToo oder für 5 Euro verkauft.

2018-01-24Mistress Zita and Tatjana YoungChastity
  • 18:02 minutes
  • HDTV

The newest victim from the #MeToo campaign is mistress Zitas Slave Phil. The Mistress needs some new experience and the old stuff is not interesting any- more. So the online offer for him was 5 euro! Buper sexy blond Tatjana Young is a international Porn Star and never in-solved in Femdom Fetish but very interesting about this topic and the price sounds good. At a glass of champaign the 2 ladies agree quick over the purchase and the slave have a new owner. His Problem is that he not know anything about this deal cause he is sitting defencless, dressed up with a strait jacket, locked up in chastity device and blinded with a mask in the Bars toilet. The next thing he realise is that someone else play painfully with his looked up dick and big balls and soon his tongue must clean the asshole from his new Mistress. Can you imagine that his balls wants to explode under this treatment? To be continued with the next update.

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