Tatjana Young - #MeToo oder für 5 Euro verkauft

2018-06-11Tatjana YoungChastity, Femdom, Fucking
  • 58:49 minutes
  • HDTV

The newest victim on the #MeToo list is Phil, his mistress is just Tired and so stood the offer to sell him fast on the net. Precarious For him this is the picture-pretty and natural assessed sadist Tatjana Young is interest in the offer shows. Use a man to sexually Take advantage of anal fucking and just do with him what woman wants, she wanted Long time. And the whole thing even for fabulous 5 euros! Is fast One agrees and so the pleasure object changes, which is according to the Toilet deposited, in Chastity sealed and helplessly wrapped in a straitjacket, To endure things that now come over him and his manhood The owner. And now I also thinks of Phil as his "suffering" begins!
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