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Syonera von Styx - Du darfst meine Stiefel lecken!

2016-03-06Syonera von StyxFemdom, Latex, Peeing
  • 61:31 minutes

Goddess Syonera punished in this timeless Femdom Masterpiece 3 of their slaves .No. Slave C235 is the first delinquent. His dick get locked up in the cock pillory with extremely painful consequences and the session ends for him final with the nose in the but of his mistress . Slave no. 13 , however, has the good fortune to meet the blue box . Defenceless he get a sadistic nipples treatment with electro shocks until hi until he finally agrees to be the human toilet for his Mistress. Slave B23 is a latex lover, best Gloss body covering ! Painful Clamps and hot wax on his genitals make him horny, special when he is tied helpless and in a full Rubber bag. So he must wank his dick the hole night for his mistress and is not allowed to come. But Tomorrow he is allowed to lick her boots.

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