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Sissy Education Vol.3

2013-09-19Chastity, Sissy, Whipping
  • 59:01 minutes

The Sissy Slut had once again not done her housework to the satisfaction of the mistress. For this there was then today the appropriate punishment. Defenceless on the penalty chair with wonderfully presented ass tied, gagged and with an inflatable plug in the hole she may suffer the complete assortment of percussion instruments. Clearly the mistress also again and again the mini dick in the XS chastity quite common into the play includes. In any case, the little bitch will have massive problems with sitting in the near future. Part2 Sissy Slut has been working as a housemaid for Lady Manuela for 4 weeks now. Sadistic as the mistress is this is not quite easy because her little Clitty was locked up at the beginning of her activity in Chastity and an anal plug she must wear at work. When she finds a small key in the mistress's bedroom she has the audacity to try to unlock her Chastity. Unfortunately she is surprised exactly in this moment by the mistress and that then a juicy punishment for you and her ass follows would have itself the Sissy yes could have thought.


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