Neues aus dem Treibhaus

  • 64:08 minutes

Boot slut Kate cant let it go again, even before breakfast the mistress mare needs her sexual satisfaction. She is also taken correctly with the strapon, but unfortunately it ends shortly before the orgasm with dripping wet pussy gagged in bondage with no chance of redemption. The next day the mare has the task to clean the riding stable of the mistress. She is observed thereby by the always horny stable master, that this does not last long going well with so many hormones in play was to be expected. The mistress caught both then also in the act, with the penis of the stable master in the mouth of the Mare. The punishment with whip and cane follows on the boot and after it both are allowed to present their asses for breaking in. Why this treatment made both of them only hornier only heaven knows.... But there is also a common solution for this!

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