Mistress Zita - The Dark Site of Paradise

2014-08-19Mistress ZitaDomination, Latex, Strapon
  • 77:04 minutes

Slave P. already imagines himself in paradise when he sees his new mistress for the first time. Unfortunately he made there a calculation without the landlord. First it goes for him on the stretching bench and it follows a quite mean Teasing of his best piece. Of course, he is not allowed to come, but shortly afterwards his ass. First externally for the whip, then internally for an extra fat strapon. A small break is then granted to him while his mistress changes the wardrobe. Even more provocative in a super chic latex catsuit wrapped it goes into the 2 round. Facesitting is now announced for the use object. What a ruined orgasm is the poor guy learns now also painfully. Completely dissolved with horniness the slave P. is allowed to jerk off after all, with the heel of his Herrin´s boots in his mouth. Only unfortunately the paradise has also still another dark side. Completely finished he really has to hold out his ass again.

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