Mistress Zita - 4 Weeks Chastity

  • 22:38 minutes
  • HDTV

Mistress Zita offers a very special service to her slaves. Keyholding! The slave may show his mistress what he is willing to give up for Her and can be locked in return for the payment of a mite to his mistress. But if he wants to get his Dick back he will have to pay again!. Nevertheless we have here a Men with a particularly useless small part. Therefore, the mistress has confined him into a XXSmall KG even two weeks ago. A mere 3 cm, enough room for the particles to spread. Accordingly, his Balls are now very big and were very painful the last weeks. So today he has paid today 400 Euro in order to be finally allowed to reach an orgasm again . But before the mistress releases him some sweet & agonizing treatments will comes along his way, over his small locked up dick.

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