Madame Zoe - Rubber Doll Clinic

2010-12-28Madame ZoeLatex, Medical, Rubber
  • 53:44 minutes

Dressed in finest rubber, beautifully styled with lady rubber face and a second rubberhood with blond ponytail over that, tits and rubber cunt,RubberDoll Uschi finally betakes herself to Madame Zoés Rubber Clinic, to be under xamination by her mistress. First her doctor, completely dressed in white rubber, probes her rubbercunt and tits. Unfortunately the tits have to be removed quick, but for that the rubber doctor starts an electrical treatment immediately. This is completed by an effective rubber bag breathing therapy, not only helpful for the breath control, but good to inhale the rubber aroma which clearly increases the excitement of the rubberdolly ... After this first examination and some more rubber bag breathing, while the nipples are still teased with the electrodes, the whole of the black and white rubberdoll Uschi is started to be examined and dilated with the Rubberfinger of the white rubber doctor Madame Zoé, to be fucked with a special Dildo - but this is just the preliminary for her strapon fuck. After that, the Dolly is quite exhausted and gets some champagne from her Docotor for recovery. Then an anal electrode is inserted and the rubber doll gets its final forced orgasm!

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