Madame Zoe - Fucked and Electro Shocked - HD Remastered 2018

2012-07-10Madame ZoeLatex, Sissy, Strapon
  • 20:30 minutes
  • HDTV

An ultra-nasty game devised for your living rubber doll. First on the list is to give a horny little hand job, then wire the dolls nipples with electrodes. Visibly nervous the rubber doll is shaking. At least for your happiness you can blow Madame strap on making sure the dildo is wet and moist enough ... As the Mistress has no intention to use any lube. Then it goes to the Fucking Chair. What follows is sadism at its best. The electrodes are connected to the electrical stimulation device, attached to a microphone which is just placed near the mouth of the helpless fixed fuck toy. To her utter shock, the rubber doll now comprehend what will happen to her, the louder she will moan the harder will be the shocks, and the pain to her sensitive nipples ... Thats when Madame shoves the strapon up her asshole and then the Rubber Doll get fucked and electro shocked in the same time!

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