Lez Dom Entertainment - Tickling - Teasing - Orgasms

  • 55:14 minutes
  • HDTV

Sweet brat Nina likes her first lesbian experience with a dominatrix. Meeting point is an old warehouse. Delivered defenceless awaits she there her new mistress. Of course, the little slaut is especially sensitive about her pierced nipples and her pierced pussy, as well as on her feet. That is exactly the first point of attack of the mistress is self-evident and so follows after a common Teasing even more evil tickling before even a pin wheel is used. Nina is completely finished after the first round and so her mistress let her some time and lets the little slut in her dissatisfied lust until the evening stew. Round 2 is then only first very dark and then very bright as the hot wax on Ninas super-sensitive nipples and labia drips, of course, the pin-wheel is used again and the feet may suffer under the for**ed tickling again. When the little girl is about to be insane, the Hitachi is nasty-wise bring into the game and Nina experiences her first lesbian orgasm!

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