Lady Natalie Black - Whipping and Teasing

2012-05-14Natalie BlackDomination, Femdom, Handjob
  • 28:34 minutes
  • HDTV

Pretty helpless the slave is bound with widely spread arms and legs and his ass sticking out nicely. Also it makes sense to properly tie the eggs tightly so that as soon as he moves he will experience extreme pain in the length. Natalie Black can now enjoy her wide collection of punishment instrument. Whether She will use Paddle, 7 tails whip or cane, the poor slaves ass is certainly not safe...As the punishment goes on his ass is glowing and now follow his dick In the second part The slave can have his Orgasms only at the command of his Mistress, she tease him and stops several times a second before he can shoot his load... Do you think hi is allowed to come?

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