Lady Lilith - Rubber Clinic Exxtreeem Part2

2018-03-21Lady LilithCBT, Latex, Rubber
  • 23:45 minutes
  • HDTV

After the last and largest tube was installed in the anus of the rubber object, the mistress once leans back very comfortable and explains to the helpless ÖPlay Toy what now comes next to him. Inexplicably, the groaning and chuckle under the drain gag mask is getting bigger and bigger as it her that now the "Dick" is going be fucked, with ever-increasing Dillatoren. What a misfortune it is that the Rubber Toy can not even move one finger, let alone except in painful groaning in any way can be noticeable and so the toy must first enjoy the further rubberization with a layer of transparent latex and then the inevitable fuck from his " pussy ". It is like the Mistress Said all 3 holes compartment stuffed just keeps better!

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