Lady Inessa - Die Abstrafung des Bänkers Joseph A.

2012-05-14Lady Inessa
  • 53:36 minutes

Wall Street Banker Joseph A. had a very successful day. In the morning he ruined 2 young families by cancelling their house credit. At lunch he lost several Millions over a risky trading at the Stock Exchange, but no matter what his bills will be payed by taxpayers and in the evening he will get a very big bonus for his useless work. Now it's time to have a nice orgy with a young women. He goes to the (bordel) whorehouse and rings at the door... For his misfortune he rang at the wrong door. By the time he realizes that there is no nice fucking bitch here but a real hard Dominatrix it was too late. Helplessly Bound on the cross his Horror comes to reality as Lady Inessa starts the session with a real hard cbt/ballbusting... at the end his ass is fucked, severly whipped, his face is slapped and finally he is humiliated by a cross dresser who gives him a blow job but without any orgasm at all for himself .

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