Lady Estelle - Visions of an Sadonaut

2016-06-09Lady EstelleCBT, Fisting, Strapon
  • 48:55 minutes
  • HDTV

The slave has yet really the effrontery to ask his mistress is she wood go out with him for a Dinner! His next task is to bring his Goddess with dildo gag to an orgasm but as ever he can not do this in time! So it looks like he need a stronger education to do things better in the future. It means it is corporal Punishment time for his ass, his back and his dick. Of Course with tight up balls and cloths pins on his nipples. Next on List of the sadistic Visions from Lady Estelle is his butt hole. You can imagine what size the Strapon have and what comes at the end! The Mistress is sure the Slave will never ask for a dinner again.

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