Lady Ashley & Mistress Zita - Rubber Toys Double Trouble

2016-02-08Lady Ashley and Mistress ZitaChastity, Latex, Rubber
  • 21:23 minutes
  • HDTV

Once more I visited my friend Lady Ashley in Leipzig, Germany to share a Rubber Slave for a double Punishment. As you can Imagine it was such a Fun for us and a real hard time for our Rubber Object. Cause of the mirror wall in Lady Ashleys brand new Dungeon also our Camera Man must have endured a very special degradation to shoot our sadistic art of domination. So first we take care about our Rubber Toys virgin ass, his mouth and his sensitive nipples. Next we place some electrodes to his balls and Lady Ashley wank his dick while I control the power from the electric shocks and play with his nipples. The Rubber Object is unbelievable horny and wants to come... but we dont want this. So we both stop cause the clue of the game is that we will lock him up with his horniness in a steel chastity. The only Problem is his dick, he is to fat! So it is time for cock and ball whipping!

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