Lady Ashley - Milked by the Pump and relocked again

2015-05-26Lady AshleyChastity, Peeing, Rubber
  • 23:35 minutes
  • HDTV

For the Rubber object comes now all his Nightmares true. Tied up at the rubber bed he must endure a very nasty teasing from his dick, he wants to come but the Mistress cools him down with a nice Facesitting where he must swallow all her Juice. Then waits the milking machine for the rubber toy, if he like or not, now he is only a toy with a dick and nothing else any more. After the sperm was pumped out completely by the mashine the shock for him continues. The milking machine will be in the future the only possibility to shod his load cause lady Ashley looks him up in a steel chastity device again and give him the order that from now for ever all 4 weeks he can come to her Dungeon and get machined extracted from his sperm.

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