Lady Ashley - Das Gummi Werk

2017-10-04Lady AshleyLatex, Rubber
  • 58:52 minutes
  • HDTV

Object 36 has graciously received an invitation in the rubber factory of Lady Ashley The total transformation to the willful suck and fuck doll is called as the primary goal of his education. It start with a Power therapy at the Boomer, a metal Chair where he can suffer directly what it means to be absolutely helpless strapped. This is followed by an "P" Smell and intake training. As this successfully completed the hole, resp the holes are orally and anal inspected, stretched and used. Where the mistress here rather speak for Docking Station Training. The day ends for him tubed and helplessly tied up in the rubber- dungeon. Locked up in a XXS Chastity Device. So he can imagine now the hole night about his first Job in the next morning, to be the living studio toilet for all Mistress.

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