Lady Ashley - Black Rubber

2012-08-26Lady AshleyCBT, Latex, Rubber
  • 56:26 minutes
  • HDTV

Today the somewhat harder pace is announced for my slave with his transformation to the perfect rubber toy. The hanger should be tested for its conductivity. How it squeaks and tugs at its shackles as I turn the current higher and higher. Next it is mummified completely helpless with latex foil, eyes blindfolded and a penis gag pushed into the mouth. Absolutely defenceless and almost all the senses it now robs hard of the mean things that will now follow and they come in the form of a hydraulic milking machine. How it shrugs and whines and bites into the gag as it begins to milk off the unnecessary pleasure piston. Whether vacuum bed or the strapon ass rip on the fuck table, my Rubbertoy is spared nothing today, and It knows, It should have an orgasm this will be the last for very long time, because then there are two long months confinement in the chastity cage without a chance of mercy.

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