Heavy Rubber

2019-06-29Baroness BijouBondage, Latex, Rubber
  • 51:57 minutes

The rubber object is delivered to the Baroness in a freight container. After it was officially equipped with a power plug in the ass and an inflatable mouth gag including an "air hose", a very mean game begins with it. At the end of the session, to his delight, the toy is then stored in its proper position, freely suspended, completely defenseless and equipped with lust amplifier "Extreme Gas Mask", it may enjoy its full rubber coating. Even better is the Rubber Toy in the second part, absolutely defenseless caught in his vacuum rubber prison, it is really possessed by two rubber goddesses. It doesn't know any more where to go with its unsatisfied lust which unfortunately increases from minute to minute in its completely helpless, rubberized situation. And then the ladies also start to play with the tube of his gas mask. Air is overestimated completely...

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