Gräfin Patrizia - Chastity Lifestyle

  • 54:02 minutes

Slave No. 33 visits Graefin Patricia for his monthly audience. He is now locked for over 4 weeks in his chastity device. Patricia controls the key number… and she doesn’t believe what she must see. The slave must have unlocked his chastity device and relocked it later again with another key card. So this is the worst mistake her slave can do. First he gets some hard face slaps and then he must take place at a special chair with a massive anal plug. This plug is really special because the mistress can set it under electricity. And now the interrogation begins with ball kicking and nipple play.... and it continues for the poor delinquent. Patrizia is an absolutely sadistic woman and she has a nice surprise for the slave… “High Voltage” not only for his butt… also on his metal chastity device… Power on for his dick and balls!!! Patrizia is sure… at the end of the treatment he will talk about anything he had done in his life.

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