Fraeulein Mina - Whipped, fucked and pissed off

2007-10-01Fräulein MinaPeeing, Strapon
  • 37:33 minutes

Part 1: The slave is tied with outstretched arms at the cover. A spreader bar is fixed between his legs. As if this were not already "helplessness" enough, his sex is also tied with a leash with the spreader bar. Miss Mina may not bear her nickname "The evil Miss" for nothing then he may experience or better "suffer". Sometimes extremely hard blows with the whip alternate with forced milking! .... and with each hit on the bright ass, the slave pulls itself still violently the "bells" long... "Autsch" Part 2: The slave may practice at Fräulein Minas StrapOn like one blows tails. Dissatisfied with his performance he is laid by the mistress ungentle with upstretched ass over a bench. His hands and his pendants are fixed and to make matters worse he gets a mouth gag. Helplessly lashed down the fuck object gets now mercilessly ripped open by Miss Mina the very backside! Part 3Fräulein Mina presses the bubble hard during a session. What's "woman" got a slave for? This is pulled blind and tied up at the tail in the direction of the toilet. Not suspecting and seeing he is laid on the cold tiles and first of all he is heavily milked. After that, he gets a recording gag missed. In what a precarious situation he finds himself, he only realizes when the precious sparkling wine runs down his mistress's throat.... and the evil Miss Mina knows as always no mercy!

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