Dr. Shiva Bitch - Willkommen auf Station G.

2017-09-12Shiva BitchFisting, Insertions, Medical
  • 60:55 minutes
  • HDTV

After the anus clinig the patient must endure a nasty examination. As it turned out, part of his suffering is due to insufficient stretching. Therefore, now the urethra with ever larger dillators get fucked. Important for the further part of its health treatment is also the rear entrance sufficient to prepare or open. This is mainly due to the conductivity. Shortly thereafter the ass is stuffed. In order to alleviate the pain, both stretched and fucked body holes are still energized. How does that hurt?The Female Doctor have no mercy with the poor Patient. She shoves her hole Fis**t in the Anus and then a toy which is even bigger! The Patient moans and suffers but this Therapy he must endure, if he like it or not. It is only for his Health!

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