Comtesse la Moet - Schmerz Frei

2018-10-10Comtesse la MoetCBT, Insertions, Medical
  • 48:51 minutes
  • HDTV

Slave Heulboje had registered for a long-term stay in the studio Novem Viginti .. Blind, bound and gagged, he may first go inhiself and think about his mistakes. What he did not know was that his mistress put him in a T-shirt with the inscription "KICK ME PLEASE!" That this pretty much every present lady in the studio joyfully savored, he and his poor "little one" figure out soon. With extremely painful balls, he has no choice and must visit the clinic where Doctor Comtesse la Moet is serving today, and with her excellent medical expertise coupled with a healthy dose of sadism she will follow the poor patient in the process Therapy sure to get pain-free again. As preparation for the pending treatment, he get gagged again, then a massive plug is installed in his ass and then a catheter placed in his terrible hurting Dick!

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