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Cheyenne de Muriel - Scream if you can! Part1

2016-03-14Cheyenne de MurielLatex, Medical, Rubber
  • 12:24 minutes
  • HDTV

Clinical studies and experiments are indeed a simply part for a successful therapy in the future. The task was to test whether the long-term wear from chastity cage impact on the potency . For my Patient 66A15 is today the the time of truth After I bondage him defenceless on the gynaecological Chair I release him from his chastity device. Next I explain him that I must now check his urethra that there is nothing more inside. So I open this hole real wide and show him that also this small hole can be fucked with the right metal device. I can real not understand why he scream and moans like hell in his gag. but this doesn`t matter the sound of agonies is Music to my doctors ears

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