Cheyenne de Muriel - Rubber Fantasy

2011-12-14Cheyenne de MurielRubber, Slave, Strapon
  • 51:39 minutes

The lady is having a nice conversation with her Girlfriend on the Phone. She talks about the new House Slave and his work. Meanwhile this stupid slave is waiting in the Box for over 1h now and he's beeing abused the whole time with heavy weights hung on his nipples and dick. It seems that his work was not as good as expected and as a punishment for his incompetence the lady whacks his dick and treat his nipple some more… Her girlfriend can hear the whole session over the phone as an extra degradation and humiliation for the useless house slave. After this first Punishment the Slave have the honur to go to the Rubber Dungeon and his Mistress strarts a verry nasty game.

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