Cheyenne de Muriel - Rubber Boarding

2011-04-11Cheyenne de Muriel
  • 60:23 minutes

Helplessly hanging from the ceiling of the room the rubber slave has to endure a painful StrapOn Session. Then his Rubber goddess mood turns to focusing on his dick. For his holidays he was dreaming about the sea and load of water around him. But this certainly was not what Lady Cheyenne de Muriel scheduled for him. Water yes! but in a very sadistic way. The lady grabs a Rubber Tube and brings his horniness down with very cold water. Then she starts again to wank the poor slave's dick. As the slave sees the bucket full of water 20cm under his head he realizes in what kind of trouble he is. With a smile on her face his Mistress walks to the remote control of the pulley block. Helplessly fixed and hung in the middle of the room the horror just begins for the Rubber Toy as his Goddess pushes the "Down" Button. Time for Water Boarding.

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