Cheyenne de Muriel - Hot Rubber

2014-07-18Cheyenne de MurielCBT, Chastity, Rubber
  • 18:59 minutes
  • HDTV

My poor slave may lick my rubber ass, as well as that he is getting hornier and is still locked in his Chastity device. So I am sorry but i must set the smal cage back under power for this reason. I still have some pity with him and his now completed 2 locked uo with his cock in the cage. So he is milked by me with no chance to touch his own dick. Stupid only that it will be his only milking for the next 4 weeks now. Cause after it i will look the dick away again.But first he mus eat now his own spearm and I am sure he not like it after his horniness is gone.

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