Cheyenne de Muriel - Gummi... bis der Arzt kommt!

2013-11-13Cheyenne de MurielChastity, Femdom
  • 69:11 minutes
  • FullHD

The announcement for today is Double punishment! This is quite a nasty game where two of my rubber slaves have to compete in my studio. Slave S. has his family jewels enclosed in a cage for almost 2 weeks now and obviously he and his big painful balls will be locked out of this chastity device Today. The other Slave 000 has been ordered since 2 weeks now to shut his mouth and stay completely mute. Well, if one of them screw up in this game the other one gets punished, with anal plug in the ass, strapon, gag, nasty nipples Treatment, Teasing, or the whip. The one who wins is redeemed by his suffering, the Loser has to follow me to my rubber clinic for further treatments. It's a game I like to call "a really nasty and sadistic double rubber education!

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