Cheyenne de Muriel - Das Gummiobjekt auf dem Elektrischen Stuhl

2012-02-20Cheyenne de Muriel
  • 17:52 minutes
  • HDTV
Das Gummiobjekt auf dem Elektrischen Stuhl The Rubber Slave has the honor to take place on the interrogation chair. When he sits down a big Plug is painfully shoved up deep in his asshole. This Plug is very special because the Lady can set it under Power that will give the slave a horrible electric shock in his ass. But he is not aware of this little detail when his goddess ties the ropes tighter and tighter around his body and genitals. Totally helpless he is now sitting there and awaiting for what comes next... As the Lady presses the button the hardest 20 minutes in his Life begins. .
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