Calea Toxic - Fetish Wonderland

2019-09-12Calea ToxicDomination, Latex, Slave
  • 52:40 minutes
  • FullHD

The lady had 2 "guests" overnight. Rubber doll got the spacious cage, DefMaso the medieval luxury dungeon. In the morning it was time to explore themselves after their condition. Rubber doll had hunger and got directly the mouth stuffed with a plug, as well as to calm his nerves the toys ass get whipped. What could be nicer than good morning sex, so first a big strapon was used, then the stimulation current device. It was also milked, the happy Rubber Toy. Meanwhile the slave whined in his dungeon what had to the pleasant consequence that he was allowed to enjoy an extensive whipping of his "dick" including a rough CBT with the current device . Since the Looser himself did not manage to have a hard dick, rubber dolls were allowed to blow. Unfortunately everything didn't help and so the two Guests ended up as used, living morning toilets of there goddess Calea Toxic!


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