Baroness Mercedes - Schmerztherapie

  • 60:42 minutes
  • HDTV

Bad is when the patient is lying or concealing of the truth about symptoms to his doctor. These services might be dramatically painful. This is what happens patient NR4 that day, pretending to be completely healthy. Dr. Mercedes sees compelled to feel him pain. Of course, every detail is meticulously recorded accurately to record in his medical record! First, the anus is stretched with an artificial penis. Dr. Mercedes finally must test the rectal muscles still working. Of course, the patient does not like it because he did not homosexual. But who cares it until he tided up to the gynchair and he can not move. Then the testicles tied and wired. What comes is sadism in its purest form. The poor patient is suffering terribly and writhe under the current therapy. Despite massive efforts by his doctor, it is not possible to extract some sperm for laboratory examination It certainly looks from which he has concealed his doctor that he is impotent!

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