Baroness Mercedes - Diagnose Samenstau

2014-02-09Baroness MercedesCBT, Medical
  • 49:19 minutes
  • HDTV

Real horror grabs Patient No. 32 when his doctor tells him he has nonetheless a "pussy" and therefore that should be the problem and discomfort he feels in his abdomen. In order to solve the problem, there is only one therapy: Gender change! But before the doctor uses the scalpel Some preliminary studies are still needed. First of all the capacity of the testes starts with a saline infusion. Simultaneously, an extensive catheter treatment is given with a none stingy needles. Of course, the "Pussy" should be later anal accessible and so the asshole must be wide opened with all finders. Also the new clothes and shoes must be tested. A final sperm sample is taken and of course also the oral intake of champagne and cum swallowing capacity of 32 is tested. In the end, nothing helps! Diagnosis: Samenstau! It means that the eggs must be cut off soon!

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