Baroness Mercedes - Das Geständnis

2014-09-30Baroness MercedesCBT, Chastity, Femdom
  • 54:23 minutes

Karl Friedrich Schneider wakes up with a splitting headache in a tiny claustrophobic cell. Naked, Chained , and completely defenseless . How he could get in this predicament is him so mysterious as the reason for his incarceration . His jailor gives him directly a few mental impulses with the electric shocker . His wife suspects really he is cheating on her and has handed him to the complete determination of the truth in the qualified hands of Baroness Mercedes . It follows a relentless interrogation of the delinquent . Electric shocks at his dick, a merciless and rough whipping for his ass and a hard fuck for his butt , nothing is spared to him, until he finally confesses all his sins !

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