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Aurora Z - The Gift

  • 13:19 minutes
  • HDTV

When i come out of the bath in the morning to dress up for my job in the office i found a nice gift from my sir. I was real shoked as i open it, perfume or nice underwear, no a double plug slip. My sir real want that i fuck my both holes the hole day at work. What a imagination to be stuffed like this and sit the hole day on a chair in front of a crowed of people... So i must follow his order if i like it or not. How shod i endure this the hole day, i had the feeling when i stand up and walk my holes tear apart. The worst thing was that i go directly wet and horny, i must touch my pierced clit and i want to come... and when i sit down to take on my stockings and the intruders go deep back again in my holes i was in front of being mad! But nothing helps, i will fuck me the hole day in front of the eyes from all the guys and girls at the public office.

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