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Lady Luciana - No Mercy for the Looser

04.10.2012Lady Luciana
  • 15:25 Minuten
  • FullHD

When this slave drop his pants in my dungeon i must start to laugh like never before in my live, He truly has the impertinence to comes to my dungeon for a session with a 3,5 cm tall dick... What shoot i do with such a half man??? and fur sure with such a small penis no women wants to fuck with him... hahaha... so he must be fucked... but first i have a littel suprise for for him and the effrontery to be also not total shaved as i like it. Some stinging nettle for his Butt... Oh how nice can he cry... wait until i come with my Dick, a extra large Strapon... then you can cry!!!

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