Lady Ashley - Welcome to my Latex World

2015-03-21Lady Ashley and Mistress ZitaLatex, Rubber, Strapon
  • 56:42 minutes
  • HDTV

There I sit with my girlfriend Mistress Zita in the studio finally times in peace on a cafe together there rings it, nevertheless, already again at the door. Not that I have anything against dear guests but do I have to be disturbed again now? ..and then of all things from my completely unnecessary rubber object -88. The punishment then follows directly. First we verbruzzeln him times together really nice the eggs, then the rubber object is fucked through the him hear and see passes in the Doubel of course. Next we go to the rubber clinic... his moaning sounded like massive breathing problems. Of course it is allowed to swallow "yellow" and I control his long overdue orgasm all the time. Final ends the day for useless slave -88 completed in the KG and locked away until the next day in the rubber sarcophagus. r.

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