Contessa Cara - Anal Abuse

2010-02-15Contessa CaraDomination, Femdom, Fisting
  • 47:57 minutes

When a slave opens his trap too wide he should not be surprised about the consequences. He begged for a heavy ass rip and swears to endure everything that will follow now. In Contessa Cara he found the right one. But he had never dreamt of that severe development. First his ass is opened with a monster strap on. No begging, crying or moaning helps. He is free now to be used. Slave is begging, he is crying – his poor ass – but Cara does not know any mercy with him. The next in size strap on is driven in his ass and as the finale the whole fist is following. Completely opened slave only begs for redemption…which follows in the form of whip lashes on ass, balls and his cock.

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