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"HD Clip" Lady Estelle - No Vanilla
After the horrible treatment with the specialpenis wood squeezer with spikes inside and thehorse Strapon Slave DevMaso get now the finalexam. Ball-busting!!!! with a lots of real hardface slaps. ... MORE
Time: 14 min.
9,90 €
"HD Clip" Cheyenne de Muriell - Bad News for the Rubber Whore
Real bad News had Lady Cheyenne de Muriel for herRubber Object 36. She need a replacement for herRubber Slut "Michele" The bitch is still busy onthe street to earn money for the mistress. So nowNo.36 ... MORE
Time: 18 min.
9,90 €
"VOD" La Femme Fatale - Keine Gnade für die Sklaven
La Femme Fatale und ihre Freundinnen kennen wieimmer keinerlei Gnade mit ihren Sklaven und vorallem nicht mit deren Ärschen. 5 extrem heftigeStrapon and Femdom Clips auf einem Film ... MORE
Time: 62 min.
14,90 €
"HD Clip" Baroness Merceds - Schmerztherapie Part3
The poor patient is already suffering terribly andwrithe under the current treatment from the nurse.Nextw comes the final of the physical examinationover him. A nice toy witch send electro shocks.the ... MORE
Time: 21 min.
9,90 €
"HD Video Clip" Ultimate Tease and Denial
Ultimate Tease and Denial comes in this Movie overthe poor Rubber Slave. At the command of hisMistress the Slavgirl lick and tease his bigDick.In front of his orgasm he must endure thatshe stops and ... MORE
Time: 21 min.
9,90 €
"Video Clip" Gräfin Patrizia & Herrin Renée - An embarrassing confession
An extremely embarrassing confession must made theSissy Slut under the nasty Treatment from the 2Mistresses. Bound on a Chair with a vibrating AnalPlug inside her tight ass hole the Sissy have theorder ... MORE
Time: 20 min.
9,90 €
"VOD" Gräfin Patrizia - Leiden sollst Du!
Die roten Striemen welche die Peitsche auf deinemHintern hinterlassen haben brennen und glühen, deinkleiner Schwanz schmerzt von den Absätzen die sichin dein empfindliches Fleisch gebohrt haben, ... MORE
Time: 66 min.
19,90 €
"HD Video Clip" Lady Satori - Orgasem denied
The Rubber Slut is for bitten to come and shoother load. No a Easy thing when the Mistress sit onher face, her balls are tight up and set underpower and the Mistress wank the Dick. thePunishment for an ... MORE
Time: 11 min.
9,90 €
"HD Clip" Lady Estelle - DevMaso and the Monster
Slave DevMaso now has an encounter of theextraterrestrial way,more precisely with a monster strap. After he isstill equipped with the penis presson the Fuckchair, his eyes go now quite big as hesee ... MORE
Time: 10 min.
9,90 €
"VOD" Pony Girls
Lady Yvi und ihrer Freundin Baroness Bijou habenim Reitstall eine neugierig Göre entdecktdie mit großen Augen die Pony Girl Ausrüstungstudierte. Diese Neugier kann natürlich befriedigtwerden und so ... MORE
Time: 58 min.
19,90 €
"HD Clip" Baroness Bijou - Inflatable Rubber Doll
Dive into a world of bizarre heavy rubber fetishwith the Baroness and the Rubber Doll. ... MORE
Time: 22 min.
9,90 €
"Video Clip" Samira Seduce - Sissy`s Punishment
Samira Seduce hat der T-Girl Schlampe unter derPremisse das Sie erst mit ihr nach Ihren Regelnspielen darf zum Ende der Session einen Orgasmusversprochen. Klar das die läufige Sissy hierbereitwillig ... MORE
Time: 9 min.
5,90 €

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"Video Clip" Lady Alexa - A Extreme Sadistic Treatment
Lady Alexa is a extreme sadistic Mistress andshows no absolute no Mercy to her Slave. Bound onthe Punishment bench the Delinquent get hardwhipped, and fucked. She straps her latex coatedpiece of fuck ... MORE
Time: 24 min.
7,00 €
"Video Clip" Miss Mina - Extrem Whipped in Bondage
Who does not want to hear must feel this alreadysays an old proverb. It was not allowed for theslut to wank her littel "Clitty" so for this infamy not to obey she must get a hard PunishmentCompletely ... MORE
Time: 14 min.
6,90 €
"Video Clip" Zara Drake - CBT
A real hard CBT session for the Slaves littleDick. Total helpless fixed on the Chair he have nochance to escape from the sadistic game MistressZara plays with his pathetic cock. ... MORE
Time: 10 min.
5,95 €

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